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Client Testimonials

“The professionalism and conscientious attention to details adhered to by ECI is great appreciated and complimentary to your organization. I truly enjoyed working with your personnel and many times throughout the project we were grateful for their insight and knowledge. The overall spirit of cooperation exhibited by ECI was a key factor to the project’s timely and successful completion”
- James H. Miller
The Norwood Company

“ECI provides a comprehensive array of electrical, data and voice-related activities to the Travelers for its project and repair work in both leased and owned facilities throughout Connecticut. ECI consistently performs their tasks with excellent results in a timey manner. Over the years, ECI has establishd a reputation with the facilities and project work that is the benchmark for consistency-both in terms of quality and pricing of their work”
- Tom Luszczak

“Based on the complexity of the MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) support systems the use of BIM became an essential tool for the coordination of all trades.  It allowed most subcontractors to fabricate much of the systems assembly within their shops.  In addition, during the floor systems’ rough framing all of the subcontractors who required hangers within the ceiling had access to the metal deck prior to pouring the concrete floor.  This saved both time and expense.”
- Bruce Bockstael FAIA
Chief State Architect
Department of Construction Services

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“My company has enjoyed a 20-year working relationship with Electrical Contractors Inc. as a subcontractor.  During our tenure we have worked on a number of projects ranging from the simple to the very complicated. Recently, while operating as a subcontractor for ECI, our work was questioned by the general contractor on a large project.  As a small firm, a legal battle would have put a big strain on our time and finances, but ECI worked with us, and supported my company and our work.   I am happy to report that the case was resolved without further incident.  Thanks, ECI!”

DCF & Beebe